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October 04....

how am i suppose to forgive myself for forgetting what does today date means..
for weeks i've been wondering what will happen on this date..
i remember that it is a very important date to me..
but i forget what is it..

luckily i decided to watch making of KAT-TUN one drop
so i finally remember what happen today..

Otanjoubi omedeto Ueda Tatsuya..

the U of KAT-TUN..
wishing u to have a happy life along with your family n friends
n u to shine our days with your angelic smile and childish behavior..

P/S..gomen for not having any picture or any card..maybe i'll do it later since i'm pretty busy lately...
Tags: kat-tun
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ehh.. if i wasn't able to read this, then i won't be able to remember his bday.. gosh. O.O anyway.. happy bday ueda! :D
luckily i posted it already..
so glad i am able to help someone to remember his birthday lol..
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